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About Powell Supply Inc.
Originally founded in 1952 as Mobile Supply, a division of Mansfield Sanitary.  In January of 1961 Mobile Supply moved to its current location on 127 Crouse St; the original location of a thermostat manufacturer in downtown Mansfield, OH.  

In 1976, Donald E. Powell made arrangements with the parent company of Mobile Supply to purchase a majority of the company and to own it out right.

During 1980 the company changed names to Powell Supply Inc. and has been family owned and operated by the Powell family since then.

During 1977 a new warehouse was constructed because of growing demand for more storage space for growing product lines.  The new warehouse was planned and built which added more than 9,600 square feet of storage space for the company.

In 1995 another addition was added to the companies building with the addition of a new showroom because of a need for more displays with new products.  The new showroom added an additional 2,000 square feet for displays.

Powell Supply Inc. in 1980
Donald E. Powell